Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorry Friends!

I apologize for going MIA for a bit these past few weeks. Ive moved into a new apartment! Whoo! So you know what that means! Lots of cooking adventures and trying to organize things and get acquainted with my lovely new roomies.

But never fear loved ones! New posts will be coming soon! Tonight, we are having a "Breakfast for Dinner" party, so recipes and photos for that will be up shortly. 

For now, here is a lovely photo spread I have dedicated to my new kitchen. It features a huge sink, a functional oven, and a dining room table. And I only have to share it with 2 other people! Oh dorm kitchen.... I'm sorry to say you will not be missed. 

Here is a view of the kitchen in all its glory. 

Here are the burners that do not have little crumbles of food beneath them from semesters before.
 Here are the glorious cupcakes my roommate Rachel made (recipe to come soon... sorry we ate the batter too quickly for me to snap pictures).
 Here is our fabulous kitchen table. Notice the awesome cupboard in the back. I got it for $25 at a yard sale. Beast. I know. It will soon house all kinds of delicious baked goods and ingredients.
Finally, here is good ole Grandfather Coffee. As you can see, he's made a friend. She might be a but young for him, but we'll see where this relationship goes! 

Thank you for enduring the tour of my kitchen. I'm very excited to start sharing with yo all the beautiful creations that are birthed from this special place. 

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