Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home Cooking - Finally!

Hello all!

    It has been quite some time since we have posted about our culinary adventures, but I have decided to break this hiatus with tales of my visit to my best friend's abode this past weekend. 

     Let me tell you a bit about Anna Grace first. She is a wonderful, beautiful woman who helped to spark my interest in the wonderful world of cooking. We met in the dorm last year and became great friends, but we both seem to agree that our friendship was truly solidified when we made naan pizzas together for the first time (I promise, we will teach you sometime!)

    When describing Anna Grace to any human being, I cannot do so without using the words "CULINARY GODDESS." Anyone who has ever met her would say the same. She is attending culinary school in the fall so watch out world! She's about to tantalize your tastebuds with her genius and natural talents. 

     A dear friend of mine and I went to visit her lovely abode this weekend and were welcomed by a beautiful home-cooked meal. I thought I would share it with you all so that you could drool at its beauty...really, I just wanted to gush about it to someone and my fiancĂ© probably wouldn't fully understand like you beautiful people. 

     The menu was as follows:
Swedish Tea Rolls
These were so delicious! We scraped up all that cinnamon sugary goodness that oozed out quicker than you can say "gluttony." Twas a bonding experience.  

Fresh Fruit Salad

Dill, Green Onion, and Ham Fritatta...

...with a dash of parmesan cheese!!!
NOM! I was drooling for the majority of the time, which unfortunately made it quite difficult to make conversation.

     I have never been able to cook a perfect fritatta, but Anna Grace is clearly a master at her art and wowed us with her abilities to master the impossible in the cooking world.
     Everything was so delicious and the family was so welcoming! We love them all dearly!